What is Patent Registration?

A patent is a document issued by an official body to an inventor of the industry, allowing authorization to prevent the use of this invention by others for a specified period of time.

The invention is the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčinnovation that provides a solution to a special technical problem (introducing a technical rule) that is the product of human intelligence. This idea may be related to a product or production method.

Patent protection of inventions is not only a benefit to the patent holder. On the contrary, the patent system has important functions in the national dimension and even internationally as described on

In addition to rewarding the inventor, patent protection of inventions contributes to social and cultural development by ensuring that the products of the mind are recognized by the society.

Apart from this, it plays a role in the economic and political development of countries by providing technology transfer, increasing foreign investments and determining industrial policies effectively.

An effective patent system plays an important role in the development of technology. Patent protection encourages innovation, technology transfer, and plays a role in determining the industrial planning and strategies of countries.

The inventor spends effort, time and money to realize his invention.

By presenting the invention to the public for the information and use of the invention, the inventor has to share his invention with the public as explained on

The patent document gives the inventor the right to operate (such as using, producing, selling) for a certain period of time without the intervention of third parties.