What Are Video Infographics

A Video Infographic is an animated display of text, images and numbers. Information is presented attractively and professionally in a short video.

Video Infographic is:

  • Suitable for reports, commercials, internal and external messages with impact.
  • For use on the internet and with presentations. Replace your powerpoint with a Video Infographic.
  • Video Infographics stimulate, challenge, convince, appeal to a wide audience
  • And are easy to share via social media.

A Video Infographic is a short film in which information is presented in an attractive way. The medium can be used for a flashy commercial, but it is also particularly suitable to link some “heavier” costs to a call to action, for example, the mapping of sickness absence figures, the costs of sickness absence and the solution direction to absenteeism reduce. Or your annual report, profit and loss account: what went well in your company and what deserves extra attention?

In a Video Infographic, facts are shown in moving images. Various studies have shown that information transmitted through a combination of image, movement and sound is optimally received and remembered. This is also evident from the huge popularity of (online) videos; Young people, consumers, employees and decision makers at companies all watch videos via (mobile) internet very frequently and this will only increase. So, with all that said you can see why it is time to hire a professional animated infographics maker agency  and make an animated infographic video for you business online.