Vegan Diet and Cancer

For centuries, cancer has remained one of the most life-threatening disease and people are struggling till now to find remedial measures for this disease. Investigations have revealed that animal protein should be blamed to a great extent for the occurrence of cancer. Animal protein creates an acidic environment within our body, setting the stage for the multiplication of cancer cells. It promotes inflammation and cell division as well as rework the combination of hormones and important activities of enzymes, therefore, nurturing the cancer cells every moment. Many meat lovers would argue that what about the antioxidant properties of animal protein? the most useful weapon against cancer?

They should put their fact straight that when it comes to amount of anti-oxidants, animal proteins fall short to compete with the plant proteins. The high content of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals have made plant proteins the most preferred approach to avoid and cure cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund have approved of the fruitful relation of vegan diet and cancer endurance. They recommend at least five meals of vegetables and fruits daily, to stay away from cancer. Natural antioxidants in plants, such as, Vitamin C and E, caroteinoids like beta-carotene from carrots and lycopene from tomatoes as well as saponins alters the internal milieu and shields our body against cancer.

Allium compounds, dietary fibers, flavonoids, folic acids, phytosterols, selenium and a bunch of other components in plant diet are the allies of antioxidants in the battle against cancer. They all work together to kill the cancer cells and block their further growth through prevention of DNA mutation, restoring normal hormonal activities and maintaining integrity of intracellular matrixes.

Vegan diet can reduce the risk of cancer in any part of the body, be it breast, prostrate, cervix, ovary or mouth, oesophagus, stomach, colon, larynx and bladder. In women, obesity is a prime reason for breast cancer. Therefore, cut off your meat consumption and embrace veganism to do away with the extra weight and hence lead a cancer-free life. Plant diet helps to maintain a normal level of estradiol, the female sex hormone. The onset of menstruation has been found to take place in later than average in vegans and the gaps between the menses are longer, hence contributing to the remedy for cancer.

Researchers claim that consumption of meat boost up the formation of bile acid and modify it into a carcinogen. But vegan diet reduces the bacterial flora, responsible for this deleterious modification and restores the harmless aspect of bile acids. Plant diets control the colon cells from dividing in an alarming rate and hence, reduce the risk of cancer.

The b-carotene in plants are found to be very effective in case of lung cancers while consumption of dried fruits, beans, lentils and soya foods protects our body from the menacing effects of pancreatic cancer. Vegan diet keeps us away from any lactose type of food like milk, a principal causal factor for ovarian cancer. Vegan diet and plant based meat never fails to supply large amount of vitamins and fibers, the alleviating factors for oral, stomach and prostrate cancer alike. You can buy plant based meat online.

If you are still unsure of shedding off meat completely from your daily diet, at least treat yourself with the food of nature; it is the best medicine for cancer.