Types of CB Radio Antenna

There are various types of CB equipment to fit every purpose, whether it is for out on the road, on a boat or at home. Using a CB base station at home is the easiest option for overall performance. But a hand-held will also do the job. When using a base station or hand-held you aren’t restricted on the equipment you can buy, especially associated with vehicle mounted CBs. You don’t have the issue with power, antennas, mounting positions all commonly found with fitting a CB in a vehicle or boat.

The different types of CB Radio Antenna

Base Antennas – These are antennas used in conjunction with a base station (This being the term used to describe a fixed CB radio commonly found at home.) This type of antenna has the advantage of being able to be mounted as high as possible, whether it be mounted to the side of the house or mounted on a purpose built tower. Base antennas can also be much larger than other CB antennas as they don’t have any restrictions on height. A full-wave antenna would require being 36 feet, to capture the full wave length. Half-wave antenna can also be purchased at 18 feet, as well as a quarter-wave at 9 feet.

Mobile Antennas – These are used when mounting to a vehicle and have been optimized to perform within certain restrictions. Height is a problem with antennas attached to trucks, vehicles, and boats. To get around this small antennas using additional coils at the base of the antenna help to improve reception. Twin antennas can also be used.

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