Modern method to learn driving

The goal of driving simulator driver education is the training of traffic citizens who will be safe, efficient and skilled users of the highway transportation system. The visual system is a very complex and heavily researched sensory system. Driver distraction is a topic of growing concern with the increasing use of in-vehicle devices. Driver reaction time: In response to signal change, traffic control information, emergency situation, car following situation.

In addition, a reverse driver assistance system has been developed that supports the driver by acoustic signals. System is capable of giving out progress reports of each trainee. Most important, the system will remain accurate and operational independent of future changes in hardware interfaces and operating systems.Used in evaluation of drivers, roads, IVIS devices and other areas.

Though used in many other fields such as research, product development and entertainment, 3d Driving simulators are best known as effective tools to driving training. Training for any possible dangerous driving situation can be safely completed with the driving simulator. It can be finished at your own pace – Generally, training with driving simulation is fast. Training drivers in simulators is safer than training them in the real world. Also, instructors can more easily control specific variables when using a 3d Driving simulator. Training comprised ten 45-minute sessions (two per week for five weeks) of increasing difficulty.