How to Get a Patent

There are different ways in which to obtain a patent on inventions. Some inventors request the assistance of expert lawyers to help them to fix the patent. Other inventors only do it alone. It is because an engagement of a lawyer of patent for the assistance to obtain a patent is expensive.

The council in industrial property helps the inventor on the way in which to obtain a patent while determining if the invention is patentable. It is a fact important to consider while thinking on the way in which to obtain a patent on your invention. According to the result of the evaluation, the council in industrial property advises the customer to know if an patent application should be introduced on the invention.

Another manner to obtain a patent is to do it on your own. It is not any easy task since there is no legal adviser to guide you on the way. In fact, the federal law requires inspectors of patent at the office of patent and registered trademark of the United States (USPTO) to help various inventors on the way in which to obtain to a patent without lawyer ‘assistance as explained in article.

What follows are the basic stages on the way in which to obtain a patent:

1. Keep a careful disc of your invention. Record each stage of the process of invention. Document all your efforts. The sign and date each entry and have two reliable witnesses signs as well.

2. You ensure that your invention qualifies for the protection of patent. You must be able to show how your invention functions, new and do’not can be on sale or be known for more than one year before you request a patent.

3. Evaluate the commercial potential of your invention. Before you spend the hour and the money to deposit an patent application, you must seek the market which you hope to write.

4. Made a complete search for patent. To secure your invention is new, must seek to you all the earlier developments in your field. You can begin your research on the Internet, but you can also visit a library of registered trademark and patent filling or you can hire a patenting agency to help you out as you can read from

5. Prepare and deposit an application with the USPTO. You have a choice now when you classify with the USPTO. You can deposit a true regular request for patent (RPA) or you can deposit a temporary request for patent (PPP) on the invention.