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There are times when inventors make mistakes that cost them their inventions. A good example of this happened in 1876. Two people worked very hard to come up with an invention. Both were working towards the same goal. They both independently created an invention that worked to carry the sound of speech over a wire through electrical devices. They were both working on creating the telephone. Once they realized what they were creating, and its importance, both took their inventions to the patent office for review.

Who got the patent? Alexander Graham Bell did and the only reason he did was because it made it to the patent office a mere two hours prior to that of the other individual. It would take a long legal struggle to determine who actually would get the patent, but Bell won out in the end and today, most people attribute the telephone to him, solely.

What does this mean to the inventor today? Of course it means that you should not wait too long or share too much of your inventions information with anyone else. You do need to have a patent in place and you should get to the patent office before the next guy does. What is also important is following the rules of the game. Should mistakes have been made in this particular situation there is little doubt that the other person (who most people do not know the name of) will take charge if you fail as you can see from

How can you insure that you get your patent off the ground successfully? One way to do this is through the use of professional help. The law regarding patents does not require that you have professional help to submit your patent, but you should do so in any case. Here are some ways they can help you.

They will insure that you have met the requirements of a patent, meaning that your product is patentable. This will help insure that the patent can go forward and that you are not wasting your money on something too similar to something else.

They can insure that you do not miss specific filing dates for your patent, especially the one year limitation on the filing of a full patent. This can be quite helpful.

They can insure that a full patent search is completed and is done thoroughly. This will ultimately help to protect the individual as well since it will insure that nothing else competes with the product.

They can help you to find investors for your patent, especially if you hire a company who will get a cut of the royalties for the product instead of a full payout of fees associated with the patent process.

These are just a few of the many things that you will gain from working with a professional in regards to patents. Use a patent attorney or a professional, experienced patent agency to help you to insure that the process goes well as you can read from In most cases, this is a simple must.