Filing a Patent Application

So you want to get a patent on your great idea? What is the first thing you do? Right, go to the internet, everyone does. And what you find is a daunting array of information that may or may not be useful, possibly helpful, and definitely confusing! Intellectual property has become a hot topic of discussion, even in the mainstream, as people are realizing the ease of obtaining and using information in our technologically advanced era.

A patent is defined as the exclusive right granted by a government to an inventor to manufacture, use, or sell an invention for a certain number of years as explained in this post on

A patent attorney often provides all services necessary to secure and maintain patent ownership and protection. They can also advise clients regarding a variety of other patent-related matters, including clearance of new products, design around alternatives, and enforcement programs, including:

  • counseling and preparation of opinions on infringement and validity of existing patents
  • investigating and preparing opinions on the potential patentability of inventions
  • advising on patent infringement, validity, and enforcement issues
    state-of-the-art searches and right-to-use searches
  • drafting and filing provisional, utility, design, plant and international patent applications
  • advising, creating and overseeing patent portfolios
  • drafting and negotiating patent-related licenses
  • assisting with technology transfer and know-how licensing
  • assisting clients in using their patent rights to leverage their profitability

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