The higher the number of backlinks your website has, the more traffic you will attract and the higher your site will rank in the search engines. When a site has a lot of relevant, authoritative links to it, the search engines assign it a higher level of authority and relevance.

The best way to generate backlinks for your blog is to create lots of quality, link-worthy content. People enjoy reading content that will teach them something useful in an engaging way, so if you can create content that is educational while throwing in a bit of entertainment you’ll have a winner.

Generating backlinks for your blog can be repetitive and boring work, but here are some easy methods for generating backlinks that are also fun to do because at the same time that you are doing the work of building links, you are also establishing yourself as an authority and gaining some positive exposure in your niche.

Forum marketing

Online forums are websites where people hang out and communicate with each other around a narrowly focused topic. Some people ask questions, share news, ask for feedback and others answer questions and critique the answers that others have shared but there is almost always a lively dialogue in an active forum.

To generate backlinks for your blog in forums, find a few of the top, most active forums in your topic. Join and create your profile. Read through the forum guidelines before you get started so that you don’t offend or break the rules. This method really only makes sense for forums that will allow you to post a link to your site in a signature file.

Hang out and read the posts in the forum. Take the time to get to know the people who are active there. Every time you post to answer a question, share an insight or ask for feedback, you are generating a backlink to your website. But at the same time you are becoming more well known and sharing your expertise.

Blog commenting

This is a very common method for building links to your blog because it works. Create a list of the top five blogs in your niche and visit them regularly. Subscribe to their RSS feed so you are alerted whenever they publish a new post. Get over to their site and leave a thoughtful, valuable comment that shows that you actually read the post and had something useful to contribute. Each time you leave a comment, you are creating a backlink to your blog, but just as in the forum marketing strategy you are also gaining more visibility for yourself because the other
visitors who read the blog post will also read the comments. If they find what you had to say useful they will follow the link back to your blog.

Guest blogging

Guest blogging is similar to blog commenting, but you get to share an entire blog post with a new audience. This is truly a win-win proposition because not only do you as the blog post writer benefit by gaining exposure to new a fresh readership, the host blogger gets some new content for their blog. You’ll get a link back to your blog in your byline and many curious readers will follow the link back to your blog providing you with the best kind of targeted traffic.

There are a lot of different approaches when it comes to SEO and link building. As you can see it’s not all the “walk in a park” and there is some work involved. Fortunately there are good SEO companies in Las Vegas and finding a reputable Las Vegas SEO Company is not going to be difficult. It would be best to do your search on the internet as there you will find much more different deals to choose from, but be sure to do a thorough research before you choose any company.

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