Different Patents

A patent is your creative thinking turned into a reality on paper. It’s your opportunity to turn your creative thinking into a business for your future. The patent will protect that thinking & turn it into reality for the present and the future. The patent will eliminate others from manufacturing or selling your idea without your consent as described in this reddit

Utility Patent – this patent may be granted for a design of a piece of equipment or machine, a manufacturing process or an improvement on machine or a process. To be patented the machine or process must be unique to it and what it does and be useful to the article to which it is being patented for. The patent will be granted for a device that is beneficial for the business it is intended for and useful for that business in doing business. The utility patent is a protection for 20 years and in not renewable.

Design Patent – A design patent is for anything that is new and original from the individual who is inventing the design. It also can pertain to a new machine or piece of a machine that improves the process. The design patent must also be useful to the process and be something that will improve a way of life or a means of improving the way a task my be performed. The life of a design patent is for 14 years is also non-renewable.

Application for Patent – Once the patent has been submitted to the patent office it is considered a “Provisional Application for Patent. What this means is that it provides a means to that the inventor may use the term “Patent Pending” on his products to let the public that the product has a patent pending in the patent office. A Provisional Application Patent can also be filed with the patent office before the actual patent has been submitted. In this case the inventor has one year to submit the patent or the Provisional Application for a Patent becomes void.

Patents also can be submitted to the patent office for other items such as plants or a food product. An example of this may be the development of a new tree of a new food product such has occurred with Tomatoes and Corn. These patents also have a life of 20 years and cannot be renewed. You can find more patent information on