A professionally prepared patent search

The invention patent will cost you several thousand dollars before you even know if your invention has a market, before you know what it will cost to produce, distribute and sell the invention, and what realistic profits can be expected. A professionally prepared research gives you timely and accurate competitor patent information, which may save you thousands of dollars. You can make changes to your product or develop complementary products.

Many Invention Patents are lost because others design around your invention even before your patent is granted . Also, once you submit a Patent Application, your invention is disclosed for the world to see. If you cannot support and protect the patent with complete documentation of your invention trials and errors, successes and failures and all the changes you’ve made during the invention process, yours would be a weak position in a patent protection case as was described in this post.

The value of a good patent attorney is his or her experience in intellectual property cases to know how to better protect your work. They can not and do not, however, guarantee profits. Many have elected to file their own patents in lieu of hiring a patent attorney because they are willing to spend the time and energy to complete all the stages of patent filing and are willing to take the risk that they will not encounter patent infringement in the early stages when funds are low. Your best bet, if this is the way you choose to go, is the all important, essential patent search! Either way, a professionally prepared patent search will save money, time, and energy regardless if you choose to file yourself or have the rest of the work completed by an attorney.

Patent Attorney…to trust or not to trust?

That is a good question! A good place to start is your local bar association. Often there are others the attorney can refer you to as a reference. Online web sites is not a replacement for a reputable patent attorney; however, it is a good place to start. There are some patent attorneys working for the invention marketing scam companies and they give the rest a bad image. As with any profession, patent attorneys cover the range of competence, so ask for references and do some checking, especially with other inventors.

Scam invention companies will appeal to your ego by painting a rosy picture of your invention’s potential success. They will then ask for money up front to conduct a “first phase” survey for your invention to see if it is viable.. Almost without fail, this so-called survey is designed to paint an even rosier picture of your invention’s potential. You feel like you cannot lose. A “Disclosure Statement” for your invention is almost always required holding the invention company harmless if you proceed to the marketing phase. Then they will ask for more money to present your invention to manufacturers and retailers. Learn how to avoid these mistakes from

Some say that your invention will be presented to an undisclosed manufacturer, if they actually do anything more than sending out some letters about your invention. Most manufacturers recognize this and toss it away. Note that once you signed the Disclosure Statement, it offers you no control or protection of your hard work or idea! The only result you can count on is an empty bank account to accompany the empty promises.