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    Patents and Innovation

    Patent publications are valuable in an innovation process. The value of a patent publication lies in the novelty of the invention described. A patent can also contain information about an entirely new technology, a so-called emerging technology. That is what makes patent literature so valuable.

    Patents are a source of knowledge that is available to everyone and that also describes a lot of innovative technology. You do not need to have a patent yourself to be able to benefit from patent information. Patent publications are freely accessible so let patents facilitate your innovation! Start an innovation trajectory or competitive analysis with a search of the patent literature. Take a good look at the patents of competitors. Hire a patent agency, like Invent Help, to help you and guide you.

    A great deal of patent information can be retrieved not only through professional offices, but also through the Internet. Look at the US Patent Office.

    Patents and Trends

    The International Patent Classification (IPC) classifies the more than 60 million patent publications by technology area. By selecting all patent publications classified in specific technology areas, overviews are created that reflect a technological development over time.

    For example, patent publications form the basis for drawing up and analyzing technological trends. Patents are therefore not only important to protect knowledge, but also to gain insight into technological developments. These technological trends can be mapped per country, per period, per industry or per technology area. You can find help for your new invention idea on internet. There are a lot companies offering this services.