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    Debt Consolidation Loan

    We already know that debt consolidation loan is solution for the person burdened with numerous debts. However, what if the person already is tagged with bad credit? For them, the solution for their debt problem lies in bad credit debt consolidation loan.

    Bad credit debt consolidation loans work in the same manner as an initial debt consolidation loan do. The only difference is that the former carries comparatively high rate of interest but once the person is able to build trust in the eye of lender then he can also avail initial debt consolidation loan on competitive rate of interest.

    Debt consolidation loan for bad credit enables the person to pay all his debts through a single payment to the lender. And, the lender further makes the payment to the creditors on behalf of the person. Lender also negotiates with the creditor in order to reduce the debt payment and this reduction lies in the interest rates or any other penalties (if any).

    Debt consolidation loan carries low rate of interest as compared to the interest rate paid on other debts. This results in saving a sum of money which can be further utilized in fulfilling other desires.

    It can be used to consolidate all the debts of the person either its business debts, personal debts, or credit card debts etc.

    Like other loans in the financial market, debt consolidation loan is of two types:

    •  Secured debt consolidation loan

    •  Unsecured debt consolidation loan

    In secured form, the lender asks the borrower to place the collateral against the loan amount. This also helps the borrower to procure large amount and on competitive rates. On the other side, in unsecured form there is no need to place collateral but the amount which the borrower can procure is comparatively small and with high rates.

    Usually, in unsecured bad credit loan the lender generally ask the borrower to furnish certain details such as identity proof, flow of income and lastly a proof that he can easily meet all the repayments.

    The borrower must make sure the lender is authorized and reputable. As sometimes, it is seen that they misguide people in order to make their personal profit. The borrower is always recommended not to accept any offer without comparing it with other offers being made.

    Eventually, it is absolutely right to say that bad credit debt consolidation loan not only simplifies the payment structure of debt but also provides a chance to improve the credit score if timely payments are made.


    Are you deep in debt? Do you keep finding it hard to pay your bills on time?

    If your answer is yes, rest assured that you are not the only one. An average household in US has more than 10 credit cards and an average outstanding credit card debt of $6,000. Once in debt, financial freedom is lost; saving and investing become impossible tasks. Therefore, to help people avoid bankruptcy, financial institutions, mortgage lenders and government agencies have teamed up to work out schemes to reduce the amount of people in debt, as well as reduce the number of people that file bankruptcy.

    Banish Your Debts Once And For All

    If you have bad credit and are searching for a low interest loan for debt consolidation, look no further. We can help you solve your financial problem. Check the buttons below for the situation that best applies to you and hit on the “Find out how to Consolidate Your Debts now ! ” button below .

     My total debt is less than $10,000.
     My total debt is between $10,001 – $30,000
     My total debt is between $30,001 – $50,000
     My total debt is $50,001 and greater

    People seeking to establish credit often apply for a major credit card or for a personal loan. When monthly expenses and bills are not managed well from money used from creditors and loans, it turns into bad debt. You can become a debtor overnight. Interestingly, people who are in debt will often apply for credit cards, believing it is a solution for debt consolidation. Debtors use credit cards as the first resort and short term solution to charge whatever they can. These people are risky candidates for getting a loan.

    Often people who do not pay their credit card bills adhere to a misconception by thinking that their debts are under control. They tend to ignore the credit card’s high interest rates. The advice is to pay off credit card bills as soon as possible as its interest can compound and accumulate every month.


    If you find it difficult managing your mountain of debts, why not consider plans that can help you to repay your credits cards debt at lower interest rates. Such plans will give you loans that you’ll have to pay back in monthly installments. The interest and monthly repayments once settled will not increase or decrease throughout the loan period. These plans offer unsecured loans of up to $10,000 and some lenders even let you get the money on the spot.

    When you google or yahoo! the term “debt consolidation loans“, you will come across many credit assistance companies trying to help people in debt. You’ll just have to fill out a questionnaire and someone from the company will contact you within a day. He will talk to you and offer a solution to help you get out of your financial debt. There are so many debt assistance companies offering debt consolidation loans. These companies will teach you how to use credit given to you wisely, how to budget so that you won’t find yourself in debt again.

    In order to get a loan from them, you have to give a detailed summary of all your outstanding debts when you fill up the application form. If your loan amount is above the usual “10k”, you may need to take up a secured loan. In such a case, your house may be used as a collateral for the additional loan to be granted. Some internet debt consolidation services offer a variety of plans that meet your budget.

    When considering debt consolidation loans, always take note that the interest rates should not be high. Also find out if additional fees are added for the services rendered to help you to get the loan.

    Some debt reduction companies may loan on a personal basis. You need to be earning about US20K per annum before you could even apply. However when you reach the minimum requirement, you can loan up to 4x your salary. The approval of the loan is at the sole discretion of the finance company you take the loan from.

    Creditors will favor working with trusted organizations than with lawyers or debtors. Non profit financial counseling organization works to free up your debt by analyzing it, coming up with a realistic monthly amount to repay the debts and negotiating on the terms of payment while helping you restore your credit at the same time.

    If you wish, you could always approach your creditors directly. Some creditors can envision the hardships that individuals and families are going through. Many will work with you to help you free your debts if the hardship that you’re going through is proven genuine.

    Finally, never use a credit card to consolidate your debts. If you do, you could end up in more debt.