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    Exploring the World of Toto Sites: Game Variety

    The exhilarating world of online gambling continues to captivate enthusiasts, largely due to the seamless digital access and an ever-evolving game variety. Amidst this gambling landscape, Toto sites stand out as a secure bridge, linking players to the gaming platforms that best suit their preferences.

    Navigating through Diverse Gambling Platforms

    Online gambling can seem like an endless labyrinth, with a vast number of games available across numerous platforms competing for a player’s attention. The true challenge lies in sifting through this crowd to find the genuine, secure, and fair gambling opportunities that also align with a player’s interests.

    Enter Toto sites. A reputable 토토사이트 provides a well-vetted list of secure online casinos, sports betting platforms, and other gambling arenas, each with its unique set of offerings. The true boon here is the ability for players to make an informed choice based on the type and variety of games a platform offers.

    The Array of Games through Toto Sites

    Each Toto site provides insightful reviews about various betting platforms, including information about their game offerings. Let’s explore the diversity of games that these platforms often include:

    Traditional Casino Games

    These sites offer classic favorites like Roulette, Baccarat, Poker, Blackjack, and more. Players with a penchant for traditional casino gaming can find a wealth of platforms catering to their taste.

    Slot Games

    In the online world, variety is perhaps most noticeable within Slot games. From 3-reel classics to multi-reel video slots and progressive jackpots, the options are copious.

    Sports Betting

    For sports enthusiasts, Toto sites introduce platforms that offer options to bet on a wide array of sports, including football, basketball, horse racing, and much more.

    Specialty Games

    This category includes the likes of Bingo, Keno, Scratch Cards, and other games that don’t fit the traditional molds. These unconventional gaming types can be found via Toto sites as well.

    Live Dealer Games

    With the concept of live dealer games, online casinos replicate the land-based casino experience for players. Live dealer games like live Blackjack, live Roulette, or live Baccarat can be found on platforms recommended by Toto sites, offering a slice of authentic casino interaction from the comfort of one’s home.

    Conclusion: Embarking on a Tailored Gambling Experience

    The world of online gambling, with its options galore, can seem overwhelming to both beginners and seasoned players alike. Toto sites simplifies this complexity by providing well-scrutinized information about the game offerings of different gambling platforms.

    Whether one relishes classic casino games, enjoys the thrill of sports betting, or is intrigued by the charm of live dealer games, the road to an ideal, secure gambling experience is well-paved by Toto sites. They empower gamers with knowledge, enabling them to embark on a personal gambling expedition that is shaped by their individual preferences and designed for a secure, engaging experience. The diversity on offer is indeed vast, and with the guidance of Toto sites, there is something for every online gambling aficionado to enjoy.

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    The Significance of Patent Searches

    The Preliminary Examination and Search, examines the filed patent application for formal correctness, and searches for published patents and any other published information, e.g. information published in the literature. At this stage it is unlikely to search the media, i.e. television and radio, but something might be found even at this stage.

    Because it is only a Preliminary Examination, there will be time to alter any incorrectness in the presentation of the patent application, but it is very important to note that the Preliminary nature of the Search means that it will only able to find patents which have been published, and so, will not find any patent applications which are still in the so-called “Patent Pipeline”.

    When a patent application is filed, it enters a metaphorical “Patent Pipeline” in that it remains secret until it is published, 18 months after the date of filing the first patent application (the Priority Date).

    This can be the filing date of any of those patent applications filed in the name of the Applicant which are chosen to be associated with the definitive version of the patent specification, i.e. that version of the patent specification which is usually filed as a patent application, just before twelve months have elapsed measured from the Priority date as discussed on how to patent something with InventHelp article.

    The consequence of this period of 18 months having to elapse from a chosen Priority date, before publication of the associated patent application, is that a Patent Examiner will not be able to see any patents which contain intellectual property which is similar to that present in your patent application, and which were filed at any time up to one day before the filing date of your patent application, until 18 months have elapsed measured from the Priority Date of any of those earlier patent applications which were filed on dates up to one day before the Priority date of your patent application!

    This means that any search which is carried out at any time before 18 months have elapsed measured from the filing date of your first patent application, will not find all patent applications which contain intellectual property which clashes with yours.

    Such an early search will therefore really only be useful to you at this early stage, if it does reveal conflicting prior art; i.e. patent applications which are in conflict with yours, and which each have a Priority Date which is more than 18 months before your priority date, or X days less than 18 months before your Priority Date, for a search carried out at X days after your date of first filing.

    You then know that you might be able to modify what you have in order for your then, newly created intellectual property, to be sufficiently different from what has been found. Alternatively, you might find out that you are wasting your time with your present idea or invention.

    However, please note that any new material that you produce will have to be incorporated into a fresh patent application, which will receive a new date of filing, but which can still retain everything that was in any earlier patent application, if you wish, since the Substantive Examination will dictate that changes to the specification be made, as a consequence of any prior art which is found during this, and the earlier, Preliminary Examination phase. Please also note that any new material filed in a patent application will be compared by the Patent Examiner strictly on the basis of the date on which it was filed.

    You can also see why the Substantive Examination is so important – it allows all Prior Art which is contained within patent applications which were filed just before your first one, and which could be in conflict with the intellectual property contained within your patent application, to be examined by the Intellectual Property Office. Read more from – how to patent something with InventHelp.

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    Patents, Trademarks and Copyrights

    Understanding the differences between patents, trademarks, and copyrights is essential for any creative entrepreneur. A thorough grounding in the concepts and definitions of these basic protections for intellectual property will provide you with a solid basis for protecting your inventions, creative works, and corporate reputation. Enlisting the help of a business attorney or a patent agency, such as InventHelp patent services, is an important step in ensuring your intellectual property is secure, but it’s equally important to inform yourself about the various methods by which individuals and companies can safeguard their creative efforts and protect their financial interests.


    Within the United States, patents are granted by the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office for inventions. A patent offers the holder exclusive rights to an original process, machine, or invention or to any significant improvement to an existing patented process. Patents may be awarded for biological inventions or discoveries, for software processes or programs, for new chemical processes or compounds, and for business processes that are markedly original or unique. Patents do not confer the right to manufacture the invention, but rather prevent others from manufacturing it for a set period of time, usually twenty years. In some cases, a patent holder may not be legally entitled to manufacture the device; this usually occurs in cases where the patent is granted for a significant improvement to an existing patented device. Without obtaining permission from the patent holder for the existing device, the holder of the new patent cannot manufacture the improvement. Such patents are generally either sold or retained until the original patent expires.


    Trademarks are the easily recognizable symbols and signs of a particular individual, business concern or organization. Trademarks are divided into three categories: unregistered trade marks, unregistered service marks, and registered trademarks. Typically, unregistered trade and service marks are only valid in a limited geographical area; registered trademarks are protected throughout the country in which the trademark was granted. Trademarks are used to identify the makers of products and the providers of services in the consumer market; as such, they are valuable commodities and should be protected against imitation. Registered trademarks must be obtained through the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office and offer significantly more legal protection to their holders than other types of trade and service marks.


    One of the most inclusive and versatile types of intellectual property protections, copyright confers exclusive rights to authors of creative works, including plays, works of fiction, maps, musical compositions, works of art, photographs, motion pictures, dance choreography, architectural blueprints, and software. Unlike patents, copyright does not protect the ideas or concepts within the work, but only the way in which those ideas are expressed. For instance, copyright protections apply to the “look and feel” of certain works of art and software programs, protecting their stylistic elements without protecting the subject matter with which they deal.

    Copyright is obtained automatically upon setting the material down in a fixed form such as print, canvas, or digital media. While copyright is the easiest form of intellectual property protection to obtain, it can be the hardest to defend. It is usually advisable to seek help from professionals, such as InventHelp patent invention agency, or legal counsel in order to protect your creative rights.

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    How to File a Provisional Patent

    When you have a great idea, you need to do everything you can to protect it. We’ve all heard the story of poor old Joe Blogs, who thought of the next big invention, only for somebody to steal it from underneath his very nose.

    The most common reason for idea theft is not having a patent. A patent protects an individual from having their invention or idea copied and monetized, without them receiving the appropriate compensation for it.

    Many businesses or individuals make a fatal mistake when it comes to patents: they delay in getting one. Their plan may still have some kinks in it, or their invention may not be shop ready yet. Whatever the reason, the delay can have devastating financial consequences.

    Think provisional patent

    A provisional patent is a prequel to an actual patent. It protects prototypes and intellectual property before a real patent is filed. It allows somebody the chance to develop their product idea further, before attempting to get a full one a year later. In this time, the viability of an idea or invention can be established, as can commercial potential.

    While it isn’t quite full protection, a provisional patent does offer a strong deterrent against theft. The legal filing number can be placed on any document, prototype or advertisement, deterring anybody looking for a quick buck from stealing your idea. In the case of duplicate inventions, the earliest patent filed wins out.

    What to consider before filing one

    Less than half of all patent applications end up being granted. Not every idea or invention is patentable. Issues regarding ownership need to be considered, as does who gets credit. If somebody else has perfected what was only a rough idea, they, not you are entitled to file for one. The same applies if you’ve improved upon an original idea. The lines in this case are a little more blurred, so more investigation is required to ensure qualification.

    The issue of profitability also needs to be considered. Is there a demand for what you’re trying to patent? Under 5% of everything granted protection will ever make a profit. After the expense of developing a product further, filing multiple patents and advertising and producing it; will your invention make money? If not, it’s very likely that going down the patent route will be a fruitless way to your spend time. That is why it is advisable to consult with professionals, such as InventHelp company.

    Taking care of the details

    If you’ve decided your invention is patentable and you’d like to move forwards, great.

    Now you need to decide which of these three categories your invention fits in to: utility, design, or plant. It’s also vital that it meets these three prerequisites too: novelty, non-obviousness, and utility.

    Upon deciding, you’re very close to being able to file your year long protection order.

    Before getting legal advice, with the intention of crossing the ‘t’s’ and dotting the ‘i’s’, perform a patent search, just to ensure that nobody has been beaten you to it. There are over 100,000 patents granted each year, so finding a unique invention isn’t easy. Hopefully what you have is however, and your patent will be successful.

    You can check previously registered patents by browsing the USPTO patent search database. Entering your invention description will allow you to view a full list of text and images alerting you to previously registered inventions.

    If your idea is profitable, if your invention is your own, and if nothing similar comes up on the search database, then congratulations, you’re good to proceed.

    It’s now recommended you visit a patent law attorney, just to help the process run as smoothly as possible. You’ll need to create a detailed description and offer drawings to demonstrate how your invention works, so be prepared for that. You’ll also need to pay all appropriate fees. A good patent attorney or an agency, like Invent Help, will be able to help you with all of those things, making getting your grant effortless.

    The day you find out that you’ve been awarded your patent will be a monumental day you’ll remember forever. While it may sound slightly complicated at times, it’s something you’ll always be glad that you did.

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    Practical Cool Inventions

    Sometimes when one sees an invention, one wonders how simple that was and anyone could have thought about it. These inventions are not necessarily very sophisticated and complex but are instead simple and useful. Here is a list of cool inventions that could have been easily thought of by anyone:

    1. Bottle Opener Remote:

    Who likes to go and get the bottle opener when one is watching an intense match on the television set? Yes, that is correct…no one. The bottle opener remote is one of those cool inventions that is quite simple but very useful. The bottle opening device is present at the side of the remote control, so one doesn’t have to miss that critical goal while watching the game and just as easily can enjoy the cold drink or beer.

    2. Sauce Dispensing Chopsticks:

    Now who wouldn’t like every bite of the dinner to have the saucy flavor? The sauce dispensing chopsticks are another one of the cool inventions that are very practical. A dispenser is present in each of the chopsticks in which the sauce has been filled up. One can also choose to fill up two different sauces in each of the chopsticks and can easily dispense the sauce while eating. If you think you have a great idea for a new invention you could contact patenting agencies providing help for new inventors and discuss your plan.

    3. The Oil Wand

    Which woman would not like one of the cool inventions in the kitchen? The oil wand is just that invention. It is a standard bottle filled with cooking oil and has a heat resistant brush on the lid. One can easily apply the oil while cooking and also control the amount of oil that goes in the cooking. Isn’t that cool or what?

    4. Onion Goggles

    This is a wonderful invention for the housewife who cannot stand the onion vapors that bring tears to the eyes. Very cheap and practical invention to protect the eyes while cutting onions.

    5. Pillows With Armholes

    One knows how important sleep is for health. For all those people who like to keep their arm under the pillow while sleeping but are always getting up because of the pressure of the head on the arm. Pillow with an armhole is one of those cool inventions that are the providers of sweet sleep.

    6. Stairs Drawer

    Another one of those cool inventions that is not only cool but also very practical. The stairs have a built-in drawer underneath for those people who do not have a lot of space and would like to save in on space. This invention should also be the favorite of a tidier person.

    7. The Book Safe

    Want a good inventions for keeping some small things like jeweler safe? The book safe is the answer. The safe is designed like a real book and also has a proper book cover but inside is a hollow space to keep small treasures safe. The book safe if kept in a book shelf can easily fool anyone. What would be a better hiding place than the library’s book shelf? No one would even think of it.

    If one has ideas about a cool invention that might be useful, then one should perhaps pursue it. There are patent agencies, such as Invent Help, that could guide you in the process.

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    Patents and Innovation

    Patent publications are valuable in an innovation process. The value of a patent publication lies in the novelty of the invention described. A patent can also contain information about an entirely new technology, a so-called emerging technology. That is what makes patent literature so valuable.

    Patents are a source of knowledge that is available to everyone and that also describes a lot of innovative technology. You do not need to have a patent yourself to be able to benefit from patent information. Patent publications are freely accessible so let patents facilitate your innovation! Start an innovation trajectory or competitive analysis with a search of the patent literature. Take a good look at the patents of competitors. Hire a patent agency, like Invent Help, to help you and guide you.

    A great deal of patent information can be retrieved not only through professional offices, but also through the Internet. Look at the US Patent Office.

    Patents and Trends

    The International Patent Classification (IPC) classifies the more than 60 million patent publications by technology area. By selecting all patent publications classified in specific technology areas, overviews are created that reflect a technological development over time.

    For example, patent publications form the basis for drawing up and analyzing technological trends. Patents are therefore not only important to protect knowledge, but also to gain insight into technological developments. These technological trends can be mapped per country, per period, per industry or per technology area. You can find help for your new invention idea on internet. There are a lot companies offering this services.

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    Disadvantages of filing a Provisional Patent Application (PPA)

    Many people, unfortunately, see PPAs as a quick path to a patent — and are not aware of the pitfalls. So I thought I’d take a moment here to describe two significant disadvantages of a Provisional Patent Application:

    (1) Many times (unfortunately too many times), the PPA applicant uses the PPA as a shortcut, and doesn’t do as thorough of a job at researching and disclosing information about his or her invention as he or she would with a traditional patent application.

    (2) This is similar to (1), in that a PPA doesn’t require the applicant to file Claims. To many, Claims are the “heart” of the patent application. In many cases, writing the Claims greatly influences how how the rest the patent application is prepared. They go hand in hand. Without the need to draft Claims, the applicant may or may not prepare the PPA disclosure in such a way that solid, supportable Claims can be written later in the full application. And that would be catastrophic as described in this https://azbigmedia.com/business/why-new-inventors-turn-to-inventhelp-for-support/ article.

    I can’t underscore point (2) above enough. For individuals who have never written a patent application before, it is very difficult to have a firm grasp of the critical nature of the Claims — and the very precise interdependency of all the elements of a patent application. I would guess that someone filing a PPA by him or herself, without having gone through the process of at least one full-fledged patent application prior, the likelihood of being able to prepare solid Claims in the full patent application down the road are extremely slim. Said another way, the chances for a catastrophic problem with the full patent application are very high.

    There are other reasons that I don’t particularly recommend a PPA for a first-time inventor – but some of these are more technical in nature and would be difficult to describe here.

    Sure, for experienced inventors with a number of patents / patent applications under their belts, a PPA can be a useful tool. For instance, a PPA saves upfront costs. It also enables the invention to immediately be marketed as “Patent Pending”. And a PPA gives the inventor up to one year to research whether or not the invention may be profitable in the marketplace…and thus one year to determine whether he or she would want to file a full-fledged patent application. Therefore, hiring a professional patenting agency like InventHelp is advisable.

    But, as I said above, I think the likelihood that a first-time inventor can take advantages of these benefits is slim. That’s just my opinion, based cases that I’ve come across. Other people may think otherwise, and I certainly respect those opinions.

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    What is Included in the Test Kit?

    If you opt to use a rapid test kit for Chlamydia, the ordered package contains:

    • A user’s instructions manual
    • Order form
    • Return envelope
    • Sample tube
    • Sample container

    The procedure for sample collection is highlighted in the instructions manual. The manual also explains how to envelop the sample before forwarding it to the laboratory for testing. There are kits that are straightforward to use, and no technicalities are involved. They tend to give you accurate results within a short time. Such options require you to follow the instructions promptly so as not to mess the outcome.

    Chlamydia Home Testing Kits for Men

    The recommended test for men is a urine test. After receiving the kit pack, you are required to use the packed container to collect your urine. You should at least fill it halfway to provide enough samples. It’s recommended to provide the first urine sample, preferably in the morning. This will provide a more reliable result.

    Chlamydia Home Testing Kits for Women

    There isn’t much difference between the home testing procedure for men and that of women as you can see on Mylabbox. The difference is in sample collection. Even though a urine sample is advised for men, it is less accurate in women. Therefore, they are advised to provide a swab sample. The vaginal swab is more reliable for testing for the presence of the bacterium. After the sample is collected and packed, it should be sent to the lab for clinical testing.

    How Does the Home Testing Work?

    When ordering the test kit, you’ll receive it via the postal address indicated on the order form. After collecting your sample, you are expected to send it back to the laboratory via post. The sample should be packed in the return envelope. Once your sample arrives at the testing lab, it will be tested for Chlamydia. As soon as the results of the test are out, the outcome will be posted on you secured account or send via email or SMS. The beautiful thing is that the results are private.

    How Long Does the Process Take?

    Usually, your testing kit is dispatched as soon as you make the order. If the order is made on a weekday, it’s likely that you will receive the kit in the same day. As for the results, they are availed to you within 24 hours of testing. This means that the faster you send back the sample, the quicker you get the results.

    How Soon Should You Provide the Sample?

    You can provide the sample as soon as you experience the Chlamydia symptoms. However, if the signs do not manifest, you should carry out the testing after 2-3 weeks. This time is enough to show if the bacterium is present in your system or not. In situations where you want to test after a risky encounter such as rape, you don’t have to wait for weeks.

    What if you test Positive for Chlamydia?

    Chlamydia is treatable with antibiotics. In case the results turn positive, you’ll be notified of the possible treatment options. You’ll be informed of how and where to get the medicines so as to clear the bacteria from your system. You’ll also be guided on how to prevent the STI from recurring.

    Final Thoughts

    Chlamydia is a serious STI that normally goes unnoticed in its initial phases. Nevertheless, all hope is not lost as it’s treatable, and you can test it as early as within the first weeks of infection. You can order the test kit and carry out the testing conveniently at home.

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    Vegan Diet and Cancer

    For centuries, cancer has remained one of the most life-threatening disease and people are struggling till now to find remedial measures for this disease. Investigations have revealed that animal protein should be blamed to a great extent for the occurrence of cancer. Animal protein creates an acidic environment within our body, setting the stage for the multiplication of cancer cells. It promotes inflammation and cell division as well as rework the combination of hormones and important activities of enzymes, therefore, nurturing the cancer cells every moment. Many meat lovers would argue that what about the antioxidant properties of animal protein? the most useful weapon against cancer?

    They should put their fact straight that when it comes to amount of anti-oxidants, animal proteins fall short to compete with the plant proteins. The high content of antioxidants, fiber, vitamins and minerals have made plant proteins the most preferred approach to avoid and cure cancer. The World Cancer Research Fund have approved of the fruitful relation of vegan diet and cancer endurance. They recommend at least five meals of vegetables and fruits daily, to stay away from cancer. Natural antioxidants in plants, such as, Vitamin C and E, caroteinoids like beta-carotene from carrots and lycopene from tomatoes as well as saponins alters the internal milieu and shields our body against cancer.

    Allium compounds, dietary fibers, flavonoids, folic acids, phytosterols, selenium and a bunch of other components in plant diet are the allies of antioxidants in the battle against cancer. They all work together to kill the cancer cells and block their further growth through prevention of DNA mutation, restoring normal hormonal activities and maintaining integrity of intracellular matrixes.

    Vegan diet can reduce the risk of cancer in any part of the body, be it breast, prostrate, cervix, ovary or mouth, oesophagus, stomach, colon, larynx and bladder. In women, obesity is a prime reason for breast cancer. Therefore, cut off your meat consumption and embrace veganism to do away with the extra weight and hence lead a cancer-free life. Plant diet helps to maintain a normal level of estradiol, the female sex hormone. The onset of menstruation has been found to take place in later than average in vegans and the gaps between the menses are longer, hence contributing to the remedy for cancer.

    Researchers claim that consumption of meat boost up the formation of bile acid and modify it into a carcinogen. But vegan diet reduces the bacterial flora, responsible for this deleterious modification and restores the harmless aspect of bile acids. Plant diets control the colon cells from dividing in an alarming rate and hence, reduce the risk of cancer.

    The b-carotene in plants are found to be very effective in case of lung cancers while consumption of dried fruits, beans, lentils and soya foods protects our body from the menacing effects of pancreatic cancer. Vegan diet keeps us away from any lactose type of food like milk, a principal causal factor for ovarian cancer. Vegan diet and plant based meat never fails to supply large amount of vitamins and fibers, the alleviating factors for oral, stomach and prostrate cancer alike. You can buy plant based meat online.

    If you are still unsure of shedding off meat completely from your daily diet, at least treat yourself with the food of nature; it is the best medicine for cancer.

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    STD Kits Pros and Cons

    STD kits are affordable and are often the cheapest testing option out there. Since the kit can be used at home, you can use it anytime and in private, without any worries that your results will be seen by anyone else other than yourself.

    With an at-home STD kit offered by companies such as My Labbox, you eliminate the need to go to the doctor’s clinic and the uncomfortable minutes spent wearing skimpy and drafty hospital gowns. Aside from eliminating unnecessary medical visits, an at-home kit allows you to take samples yourself and get the results, which are guaranteed confidential, in the mail in a matter of days.

    Because it is easy to use, it encourages people, even those who were previously hesitant, to get tested. In fact, people otherwise averse to getting tested who use at-home kits can catch diseases like HIV or chlamydia early on and change the course of the disease.

    However, a commercial kit may not be as accurate as laboratory tests. It is more likely to get a false positive. Most kits also only test for a specific condition, which means you may need to buy more than one kit if you want to test for various types of diseases.

    Doctors recommend that if you are showing signs of an STI (sexually transmitted infection), opting for an at-home testing kit may not do any good since you still need to visit an actual doctor if you are already showing symptoms. The tests done in a doctor’s office are more accurate and are better suited for testing anyone who is presenting symptoms of any STD.

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    Iron for Vegans

    Iron is the blood builder. It is vital in creating hemoglobin, which keeps your blood full of oxygen. This in turn gives you energy and a healthy skin color. When iron levels get low, you start to feel tired because of the lack of oxygen delivered to organs and tissues.

    Sixty to seventy percent of the iron in our body is found in the blood hemoglobin. Your body’s total iron is about 3 to 4 grams, not much more than a small nail. Also, the body recycles much of the iron from cells when they are broken down.

    Iron Absorption Issues

    Some foods block the absorption of iron. These include coffee, tea, egg yolks, and milk. Antacids can block iron absorption, and some vegetables, like spinach, that are high in tannins, oxalates, and phytates can also be iron absorption inhibitors (that doesn’t mean you don’t get any iron from them it is just reduced). Some studies suggested fiber was also an iron inhibitor, but it is unlikely to be problematic in a normal diet.

    Likewise some foods help aid the absorption of iron. Eating foods high in vitamin C, such as citrus fruits or bell peppers, at the same time you eat iron-rich foods can help your body absorb the iron better. Most vegetarians eat plenty of fruits and vegetables and on average get more vitamin C, thus are able to absorb more iron from plant foods such as the plant based meats. This explains why vegetarians do not get iron deficiency any more than the general population.

    iron-rich foods

    Dairy & Iron

    The erroneous message of drinking milk to increase your iron is not only a myth, less than 0.08mg of iron per serving, but is injurious especially to infants (not breast milk). A significant number of babies have blood in their stool if fed milk before 4 1/2 months old and toddlers with high milk intake are at risk for iron deficiency and excessive caloric intake. Milk, or rather casein (found in cheese too), inhibits iron absorption from good iron sources.

    Sources – Isn’t meat the best source?

    There are two forms of iron. Haem iron, found in animal tissue, and non-haem iron found in plants. Your body can use both!

    Meat is one of the most available sources of iron, when it is cooked lightly and fresh, but there are health implications with improperly cooked meat. Meat has a 10 to 35% absorption rate, while plant foods range from 2 to 20%. That dramatic range comes from the phytates, which reduce absorption, and Vitamin C, which increases absorption, as mentioned before. Vegetarians who omit beans from their diet should keep an eye on their iron levels and sources.

    Iron is one of those essential nutrients that is often overlooked. As discussed, much of the iron found in plant sources is less easily digested by the human body than iron found in animal sources. Therefore, vegans (especially those who omit beans and legumes) may want to monitor their iron levels to ensure they’re not becoming deficient. If your iron levels are low, you can boost your intake of dark, leafy greens or add an iron supplement.