The fees for obtaining a patent can be relatively high and in order to be certain that the money is well spent, a patent lawyer can be a remarkably intelligent decision. A patent search can be done on the small inventor’s behalf, which will of course include current patents and existing marketable materials that are distinctively relative to the current offered hopeful patented product.

Patent pending notifications on any given product induce the same patent infringement protection laws. It is recommended that the patent pending notification be placed directly on the product when possible instead of the packaging, although there will be instances where this is not feasible and placing a patent pending notification on the packaging will have to suffice. It takes approximately 6 months before the U.S. Patent Office will return the patent applicant a patent pending filing number.

By ascertaining the assistance of a patent lawyer or a patent agency, such as InventHelp, the chances of patent infringement reduce by nearly 85% and the filing for a patent goes about 75% faster. In many cases, hiring a patent lawyer saves the project from being abandoned by the inventor, as it takes a legal understanding of what the U.S. Patent Office expects as well as a large amount of patent infringement knowledge to file a patent independently.

Patent infringement is a great concern to hopeful patent applicants. While it is recommended that a great deal of secrecy remain around an invention, the U.S. Patent Office is not one for prematurely divulging information. Thus, an inventor is likely to only disclose his or her patent pending product to their patent lawyer and the patent office prior to production.

There are maintenance fees required while your patent is protected under patent infringement laws, the U.S. Patent Office’s way of encouraging inventors to market their product or to simply give it up to public domain when production and marketing is not available as described in post.

After the initial filing of the patent, the inventor is then both subject and protected by patent infringement laws. Once again, if the inventor has acquired a patent lawyer, they already know that the likelihood of filing for a patent that already exists is quite miniscule, and they can now turn to their patent lawyer should they find any instance of patent infringement as it related to their pending utility patent.

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