A patent application is filed in the United States to obtain the right to exclude others from making, using or selling the patented invention in the United States. Nearly 400,000 patent applications have been filed in the United States each of the last several years. Since the inception of the patent system, nearly 8 million patents have been issued. Of that number, about 4 million patents have been issued in the last 30 years! Clearly, the advancement of technology and the filing of patent applications to protect those technological advances are being filed at a pace never experienced before in history as written in this http://herald.web.unc.edu/2019/04/the-power-of-successfully-bringing-inventions-to-the-global-marketplace/  article.

Patents attorneys represents clients in all areas of technology — from simple, mechanical inventions to more complex inventions in the fields of electronics, communications and computer software. Patent firm’s goal is to guide you through the process of preparation and filing of a patent application in the U.S. Patent Office, the subsequent prosecution of the application before the U.S. Patent Office, and ultimately the issuance of a U.S. Patent, and its subsequent maintenance.

Many US Patent firms also works closely with patent firms in countries around the world for those clients interested in pursuing rights in foreign countries, such as Canada, any European country, Japan, Mexico, any South American country, China, Korea, India, Australia, Taiwan, Indonesia, the Phillipines — they have associates in every country in the world to file in any country on your behalf.

Novelty or patentability searches assist clients in determining if their invention is novel in view of other patentable inventions and/or published patent applications. The search is generally limited to a search of United States patents and published patent applications. A ‘state-of-the-art’ search may also be conducted as an expansion from a novelty search to assist clients with evaluation of inventions already patented or published as patent applications in the area of their own inventions as you can read on https://newswatchtv.com/2019/02/11/getting-help-invention-inventhelp/ too.

The search may assist with identification infringement of your own patents, or may consider whether your own products or the like are infringing or not infringing the patent rights of others. Validity or invalidity searches and/or opinions are also performed by Patent firms to assist in evaluating if a specific patent is, in fact, valid. Such searches are often necessary when one is accused of allegedly infringing a claim of another’s patent.

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