Constant tension, risk and tough struggle, this is what awaits every player in this exciting and dynamic shooter. Fortnite – the best online multiplayer online game for survival. Fortnite beats all records of popularity, and already more than one month keeps on top of game tops. Dare to test yourself and your fighting abilities, play and fight, try to become the best, the one who will be able to survive in the most difficult and dangerous conditions of this virtual war.

Confrontation in Fortnite is conducted to the last survivor, that is, one who will stand for as long as possible and will not be killed by a more successful rival, and will be the winner in this tough and difficult war. At the same time, dozens of players will fight for the title of the best, all are fighting against all, companions and associates in Fortnight, here each for himself. Choose a skin, specify a nickname and start.

The main currency in Fortnite are v bucks. As in any multiplayer online game you will need a lot money, in this case v bucks to be the best in the game and to be able to buy all the good stuff for your character. There are a lot of ways to get v bucks in the game and outside the game. There are quite a few websites such as Gamin, where you can find a lot of guides, tips and tricks to get as much v bucks as you can.

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